As an illustrator, I have worked on several large-scale graphics and public art projects around Albuquerque. You can check out my work below. If you would like to work with me on an illustration project click the link to get started!

UNM Student Health and Counseling Center Murals

2019 | UNM SHAC

These digital illustrations printed on wallpaper were created for the Student Health and Counseling Center (SHAC) at the University of New Mexico. They incorporate local and medicinal plants and reinforce way-finding; each floor is color-coded and has a theme. The ground floor is the “undergrowth”, the first floor is the “trunk”, and the final floor is the “canopy”.

El Vado Bar-Back Mosaic

2018 | Palindrome Communities

In Spanish, “El Vado” means the ford or narrowest part of the river. The mosaic bar back at the newly renovated El Vado Auto Court highlights the ford of the Rio Grande as well as the location of the motel in a red circle in the center of the piece, surrounded by a topographic map and the Albuquerque roads in the 1930s when the motel was built. The bar back began as a digital illustration using colors from the surrounding bosque and El Vado's original branding which was then printed on mosaic tiles. 

UNM Hospital Pediatric Care Center Murals

2018 | UNM Hospital

These surreal, children’s book style illustrations were created for the waiting room of the pediatric care center at UNM Hospital. Each image was created around a different fantasy landscape: the sky, the ocean, the desert, the forest, and the arctic. They are printed on dry erase board panels so that the patients can draw on top of them and add their own imaginative drawings and characters to each scene. The drawings are meant to ignite the children’s imagination while remaining timeless in order to last for many years to come.

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Sawmill Sculpture and Scrim

2019 | National Institute of Flamenco
In collaboration with Design Plus Architects and More than Gates

The large-scale faceted sculpture and balcony scrim pieces on the new building at 1771 Bellamah Ave were designed digitally then cut laser-cut in steel. Both designs were created to brand the building, which both houses the National Institute of Flamenco and apartments for the Sawmill District. When back-lit at night, the perforations in the sculpture create a profile of a flamenco skirt. The perforations balcony scrim pieces are an abstract wood grain which reflect the building’s location in the Sawmill District.