Hello! I’m Celine Gordon—an artist and illustrator based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Off Grid Studio is my small independent print studio where I create designs inspired by the rhythms, patterns, and connections found in our surrounding landscape. I print most of the work myself using silkscreen, block printing, and, most recently, earth pigments.  My creative work is heavily grounded in a sense of place here in the Southwest.

For me, this creative practice has been an opportunity to operate outside of mainstream structures and expectations by pursuing art and illustration full-time. Being "off the grid" metaphorically often signifies a deliberate choice to reject or distance oneself from the pressures, routines, or constraints of society. It suggests a desire for independence, self-sufficiency, and a simpler or more alternative way of life. To adopt an off-grid mindset is to seek to minimize reliance on external systems, opting for self-reliance, sustainability, and a closer connection to nature. 

Though my studio currently isn’t literally off-grid (hopefully someday…) I bring this mindset into all that I do within my creative work. For the past few years, I have been experimenting with earth pigments—foraging for rocks and minerals to create my own inks. I also always strive to make my other printmaking work as sustainable as possible. When I create screenprints, I use recycled garments and sustainable fabrics as blanks. Incorporating this off-grid mindset has become a guiding principle for all of my artistic endeavors.