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Ocotillo Vase Riso Print

Ocotillo Vase Riso Print

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Bring the captivating beauty of the desert into your home with this riso art print showcasing an Ocotillo plant in a vase, adorned with hummingbirds. The Ocotillo plant, known for its distinctive spiky branches and vibrant red blossoms, is a true symbol of resilience in the arid desert landscapes. What makes this art print even more intriguing is the fact that hummingbirds are drawn to the nectar of the Ocotillo's flowers. The Ocotillo plant, with its striking appearance and its role as a haven for hummingbirds, embodies the harmony between nature's beauty and the delicate balance of ecosystems

This art print, crafted using the eco-friendly risograph printing process, utilizes sustainable soy inks that result in remarkably vibrant blue and red tones.

6x8" Riso Print
Printed with Next Chapter Studio in Albuquerque, NM

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