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"San Isidro" Block Print

"San Isidro" Block Print

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Experience the essence of tradition here in the southwest with this a modern-day interpretation of San Isidro, elegantly accentuated with metallic gold ink. This artwork pays homage to an iconic figure in New Mexican folk art and embraces a cherished family tradition that carries the blessings of the soil and the harvest. Each year, my family takes an icon of San Isidro out into the garden to watch over the seedlings. San Isidro is a revered symbol of protection for gardeners and farmers and stands as a guardian and a beacon of hope in the fields. 

The intricate carving in this linocut print captures the essence of this beloved tradition, with a modern twist that speaks to both heritage and innovation. The metallic gold ink adds a touch of sophistication, symbolizing the golden potential that lies within every seed, the promise of abundance, and the hope for a bountiful harvest.

This artwork holds personal significance, embodying a heartfelt connection to the land, the cycles of nature, and the traditions that bind us to the earth. It is a unique representation of the enduring legacy of San Isidro and an invitation for his blessings to extend to gardeners and farmers around the world.

9x12” linocut print with gold metallic ink
Limited edition of 100
Hand-printed in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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